About Laura

Laura Shepard Townsend grew up as a rebellious tomboy in the verdance of the Catskill Mountains. After attending the State University of NY, she decided to broaden her horizons and for a year, traveled solo around much of Europe. This gave her ample opportunity to get into a myriad of predicaments, requiring her to develop untapped personal resources.


Upon her return to the U.S., she used her tax refund to go to California. She found work in the entertainment biz, eventually producing commercials for two Academy Award-winning Cinematographers. She also became Haskell Wexler’s reader, providing input for three years on many of the Hollywood ‘go’ scripts.


Ms. Townsend studied writing with Michael Levin at UCLA, and then worked for eight more years diligently researching and then writing the first two books of the Destiny’s Consent series.  Townsend describes herself as akin to a roustabout at a circus, doing whatever necessary to support herself as a writer – from driving a cab to working as a script supervisor in films/commercials.  For the last few years, adopting the lifestyle of her gypsy heroine, Ms. Townsend has traveled the west coast in a cute little trailer named Molly.


Now, Townsend resides in a cottage surrounded by flowers in Venice, California, a city she loves and that is a strong muse for her and for her writing.  The local newspaper, The Free Venice Beachhead, publishes many of her articles and poems.  She enjoys performing her poetry and reading from her books at the Rapp Salon and the Muse.

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