destiny's consent

book one: the gypsy's song

book two: lions and gondolas

Destiny's Consent is a vibrant epic set within the helter-skelter of the 20th century related by Angelica Grastende,  a woman of Rom.


Now a crone, Angelica is examining her life and its happenings. She recalls her girlhood, set within the magical and passionate world of the Rom, as they traveled about the verdant European countryside in their luminous vardos drawn by gleaming horses, gathering whatever they need from the bounty.


While Angelica's spirit is one that is wild and irrepressible; conversely, she bears the birthmark of a Rom healer witch upon her scalp.  Thus begins her own personal tempests, especially polarized since she despises the Rom's seeming inablity to never stand up for themselves against intense persecution by the outside world. When a terrible misfortune occurs, Angelica quickly abandons her roots and her destiny despite her Grandmother Lena's warnings.


In a grand series of adventures, Angelica becomes lost, found, defeated, and finally exalted.


Along the way, she finds a series of mentors, a few bona fide wizards, as well as a few scoundrels as she hurtles pell-mell through her life in search of a 'destiny'.


The four books which comprise Destiny's Consent, are rites of passage, mythic road maps for those who become lost during the pursuit of their own lives.


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