destiny's consent
book two: lions and gondolas


Book II:  Lions and Gondolas


         Angelica’s mother has stolen her husband’s least favorite lions. Now Angelica, her lion-tamer mother and Gypsy sorceress grandmother are ‘on the lam’ with the two stolen lions.  A portentous Tarot card reading guides them to California where Angelica’s heart wholly embraces the magical alchemy that was 1920’s Venice.  No longer defined by her Rom klan, Angelica begins the search for her destiny.

             She is befriended by millionaire-wizard, Abbot Kinney, whose dreams have built Venice – a Renaissance City on the Pacific.  Inspired, Angelica is catapulted into the exotic worlds of the 1920’s: Prohibition; the fight for women’s suffrage; the full-throttle recklessness of early aviation; as well as the mystique of newly-born  Hollywood.



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