destiny's consent
book one: the gypsy's song


Book I:  The Gypsy's Song


I'll never know what possessed my mother to steal my father's lions that night.


         A Gypsy crone, Angelica Grastende, pokes and prods at the recollections tucked away within her heart, to retrace her life and its meanderings, which have returned to her a fragmented soul. She is no longer gypsy, no longer gadje...yet a little of both, a little of neither.

    Her recollections take her upon the grand adventure that has been her life.  Angelica begins with her childhood, an idyllic time, as she and her family traveled with her Rom klan in 1913 Europe in luminous wagons pulled by their beloved horses, gathering all that they need from the surrounding bounty and verdant meadows.  But wherever they go, they are greeted by distrustful stares by the gadje, the non-Roma, with the inevitable appearance by the police to rout out the 'Gypsies'. Seemingly of all the klan,  it is only Angelica who suffers from these confrontations; everyone else cheerfully resumes their traveling songs.

    But the onset of 'The Great War', and its turmoil, intensifies the persecution of the Gypsies until a great misfortune befalls the klan with a terrible reprisal.  Angelica and her family are forced upon an odyssey, taking them across  the Atlantic Ocean to 1920's America where they join a small traveling circus.

    Angelica’s father becomes the lion trainer; her mother works with the elephants; her Grandmother Lena, a shuvani witch, is the highly sought after carnival’s fortune teller.  With tireless dedication and love for flying high on the trapeze, Angelica becomes a celebrity.


    The Gypsy's Song is a historical novel, a rite of passage and an epic adventure rolled into one.



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