Review of “Angel’s Flight”

BRAVO!!!!! A great 3rd book of this series. I loved all the descriptive prose about a flashy time of our history.
The end was a surprise and of course now I must plead with Laura Shephard Townsend to get working
on the 4th because I just know you have more to tell about Angelica.

I wondered which words you wrote while I was enjoying my peaceful retreat at Solyluna in Costa Rica.

Much love to you Laura.


Review for “Angel’s Flight”

This is an incredible read. I could not put it down…cover to cover in less than 24 hours.

Laura Shepard Townsend is beyond masterful…this tapestry of words is a treasure…especially to Venice California  ( gift yourself and your friends this book and the two predecessors: “The Gypsy’s Song” and ”Lions and Gondolas” available in paperback on Amazon)

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A New Review for Destiny’s Consent


All three covers chopped

Laura, It’s me, Paul.
I had to write before I forget how wonderful your books are.
I recently binge-read all three and I’m floored by them. The depth and scope of your
knowledge and wisdom astounds me. Likewise for your philosophical and spiritual bent.
I can’t imagine the amount of research involved, unless you actually lived in a bardo with
the Rom and traveled with a circus and flew old planes and somehow were a guest at
grand affairs in the 1920’s. Your attention to detail is likewise amazing. I can clearly
picture, and almost live, everything. And I thank you for that. What an experience
to read and savor Angelica/Ann/ Angel’s story.


Paul and Karen


Loretta’s Commentary on Destiny’s Consent

I did send you that text about book two and I love book two even more than book one.  It is very rich with details, reality, emotions, and characters plus an unusual subject area – the circus arts, clearly a dying art too.
 circus poster1
You might want to see if any Sarasota, FL, outlets might want to sell/distribute your book if that’s possible.  Sarasota is the home of performer Nik Wallenda on the tightrope and his entire family of performers.
circus angelica on trapeze

Angelica on the Trapeze

As I may have said before, it is probably the only remaining place that circus and aerial arts are taught in the public schools and there are several conservatories and schools for circus artists here, as well as the home of John Ringling and all of the B and Bailey circus companies.  The bookstores here carry lots of circus theme books.
I think it is very cool that I can ‘see’ your persona come through in reading your books – the magical aspect, the mystical angle, your humor, your perception of the deep ties between 3 generations of women and the different stages of their lives.  I’m not done yet, but I had to tell you how wonderful you are as a writer.  Keep it up, dear old friend.  I’ve been reading the book on the beach sometimes and I laugh out loud at parts of it.

A Review for Destiny’s Consent from Paula

I woke to one of my neighbors shearing away my bougainvillea blossoms that had had the audacity to stray into her yard.  I felt sorry that somehow the floral exuberance did not enthrall her heart and soul…and blessed the dying blossoms and her….so I arose, not exactly thrilled with life and its circumstances on this morning.

I wandered into the studio, almost swooning with the scents of orange blossoms. I checked FB and discovered these three posts on my page by Paula Jean, an intelligent adventuress I met at a Butterfly Sanctuary and Garden in the hills above Montezuma, Costa Rica.

                 “I am thoroughly, completely enjoying your book, It is my perfect escape from all my worries. I have been dealing with fleas these days in FL and for you to write about the Flea Circus has me giggling. It is so perfectly written from the standpoint of this child. How imaginative, how delightful, and filled with drama and conflict, filled with descriptive images. I can hardly put it down, thank you for writing it and will no doubt read your second one. Such a treat to have met you and to now read your magical story. It took over a year for me to buy the book, but I suppose I needed to find myself battling fleas to time it right, LOL.”

                “I weep as I come to the end of The Gypsy’s Song. I should have ordered the second book at the same time. Now I must wait for its arrival. The story is captivating and filled with so much, so many parts that have influenced our lives. Small tangents that speak to me on another level. Perhaps I was a gypsy in a past life. The draw to Bohemia touches us both profoundly and I love all the small references to a larger philosophical belief, references to Jung, The Tao, reincarnation, oh so many.”

                 “I am reading a delightful book by Laura Shepard Townsend, titled Destiny’s Consent. I was fortunate to meet this beautiful woman in Costa Rica last year. Not sure exactly why it took me a year to pick up this book but so glad I did. It’s a beautifully written story. If you are looking for a great read, beautifully written descriptive story about Gypsies in S Ca in early 20th century pick it up from Amazon. She has a great web site too”

Needless to say, my puny mind has shifted from my neighbor’s actions to Paula’s generosity of spirit embraced within her words. For a writer and an artist, there is little better happenstance in this world….thank you, Paula….

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A New Review for Destiny’s Consent

Here’s a new review on FB by Jana in Las Rocas, Costa Rica. I didn’t even know that she was reading it…..

great book.. “Gypsy’s Song” by Laura Shepard Townsendbook reviews Jana





5.0 out of 5 stars
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November 14, 2014 By Deborah P.
 The Gypsys Song small
 I LOVE these books! They absolutely rocked my soul!


I read the books out of order…”Lions and Gondolas’ first and then, literally gasping for more from this author, at 2 A.M. after a straight read, I ordered “The Gypsy’s Song” on Amazon…

That was 2012. Since then, I have read each book at least 9 or 10 times. Every time, without fail, I discover more precious wisdom and perspective woven into the elegant tapestry of these works. Ms. Townsend has enchanted me with powerfully written, historically insightful, culturally rich stories with intimately developed characters…

Never before have I thirsted for more from an author…

More reviews on amazon…



Can’t wait to read the next installment


5.0 out of 5 stars Lovely read, June 9, 2014
This review is from: Lions and Gondolas (Destiny’s Consent Book 2) 
Found this and its prequel in the “little free library” box near me. Being a resident of Venice (albeit temporarily- for school) and also someone who plays Roma music and has spent time among them in Serbia and Macedonia, I felt this was really well done. Such an enjoyable yet thought provoking read! Can’t wait to read the next installment!

Entertaining Storytelling Deftly shaped by A Beauty of Language and Heart

5.0 out of 5 stars Destiny’s Consent (books one and two), September 14, 2014
 This review is from: The Gypsy’s Song & Lions and Gondolas(Destiny’s Consent) (Paperback)
In the historical fiction settings of the Rom Gypsies wandering Europe and of a Rom gypsy family finding a new home in 1920’s Venice, California — we meet a range of characters at once familiar and mythic. The tales of Destiny’s Consent are ultimately spiritual journeys, even as we learn about Rom gypsies and Venice history in a colorful spectrum of culture and society. This is entertaining storytelling deftly shaped by a beauty of language and of heart.
The Gypsys Song small

If you love Venice Beach, these free spirited characters…

final-cover-web “If you love Venice Beach, these free spirited characters will warm your heart and enrich your consciousness.

This wonderfully written novel combines two topics which fascinate me—-bohemians and Venice Beach. As the first book in the “Destiny’s Consent” trilogy, it’s an entertaining and enjoyable read. I was immediately transported to the magical world of Los Angeles at the early part of the 20th century. The women in this novel are strong and empowered, and their gypsy culture is colorfully described, making you feel like a participant in every vivid scene.

 Patricia Nolan Stein