A Lovers’ Tomb

With eyes lensed with immortality,
I have come to regard the Isla of Cabuya
A Cemetery Isle in the sea where
Vultures are the macabre guardians of tombs

Walking among the sepulchers, that day
With my beloved
A vision heralded….
That of MT and I
Lying side by side
Interred in a crypt of white marble
Allured by cherished sea cadences
Tempoed by God’s heartbeat

Ah yes,
Tangos of true love are coveted
Until the Maestro takes his final bow
Until the instruments put to rest
With the beloved’s departure to other worlds
To be left alone
To be left
My heart falters to quaverings
We two are wedded
But how to be wedded for such leave-takings
When mortal time will be translated to the immortal
And mistimings of eternity ever so possible

But the illusion of enshrining on Cabuya Island
Thwarts now concerns of cosmic separations
As one of us lies there awaiting the other’s arrival
There must be
An assurance of recognition in the Empyrean
When placed next to the other
So as to continue our journey
For aeons
In endless Time
Dancing in Constellations….

For we have loved one another so well in this lifetime.

lovers tomb



Our Studio

                  Our Studio is Enchantedstudio with rainbows                                                                                           With Muses
                                                                                Paused by Artist Yearnings



Eternally, Michael

L &M smiling


That night in my studio apartment
I sat enfolded safely in my chair
Listening to you
Regarding you
My eyes beginning its measurements
Of regard for a suitable mate
Beginning with those of utmost importance,

Your height and your circumstance.

I must admit, I did not recognize you
Perhaps eons have passed
Since our last dance together

But my ageless Soul stood vigil
And whispered to my foolish Heart
“This is your last chance for true love”

And so I bound you to me, once again,
In this lifetime,
That is, my love, eternally….


A Celebration of You

A Celebration of You
Your soul was borne here
On this, the first day of Spring
With each flower’s unfurling
Kisses usher forth to
Mingle with mine

Can you dream of this?
Can you hold this within your heart forever?

And while You try
I will dance….
the Dance of the Flowers
Just for you


Love Poem 17

A love poem ditty  I spun off this morning…I was walking
about the studio and these words just wafted in…so I wrote
them down.

Michael and laura1

Such glorious  mystery!
How can it be
That you and me
That is, Laura and MT
Can be so much more
Than a summation of our parts?



Love Poem 12

A  love poem  for my day~

He calls me ‘Rainbow’
For when I linger
Within His Love’s Light
The invisible transforms
Existences to transcendence

Into hues revealed…..
Only to lover’s hearts 

It is the Two of Us,
Who combine
Our essences.

northern lights


10,585 Nights Together

Tonight, MT and I celebrate 10, 585 nights together…
and still we dance and grow
and are astounded with one another…..




A Glow of Sliver

man looking at night sky

 A glow of slivered moon
Rises still warm from the earth’s embrace
A scattering of stars
The fragrance of night blooms of jasmine
These are my companions
While I wait for you, my love.
To descend out of the enchantment



Last night
We dined with
Orion peering down upon us
Through the hole
You generously carved
Into the ceiling of our art studio
To encourage the viewing
Of such occurrences in the cosmos

We sat mesmerized in starlight
At the table you built
As my very first gift
To complement  
Antique ladder back chairs
I had espied and then joyfully hauled out
From the back room of a
Thrift store on Western Avenue
Golden, elegant oak chairs
Reminiscent of the house I grew up in

As a match, you proudly presented The Table
Made it with your two hands
Your masterpiece for our love nest on Paloma
Not mahogany, maple or even oak
But PLY – wood
Hued a pinky-rose-pink

I stared at it
My heart tremoring
Wondering what to say to you
My East coast sensibilities
Bewildered at such audacity of color as well as design
An obvious peek into
The design of your soul
I realized I was in deep trouble

There would be nowhere
I would be able to hide in this world
With you in it.

 You do that to me.



In the Deep Silences of Time


 In the Deep Silences of Time

In the deep silences of time
I yearned for you
But yet
At your arrival
My heart recognized you not

Oh, this very foolish heart of mine
Loving so the shimmers of gold
From the beguiling world.
But my soul
My soul mighty with the divinity of grace
Knew differently
For it recognized you
And said simply as it gazed upon you,
“This is your last chance for true love”

We were sitting at the table,
You were speaking then
And I stared at you,
Could this be true,
I consulted my experience for an answer
My heart had its well-versed measurements
From other life times
Required income for 5 star restaurants
As well as necessary height for my sexy high heels.

I was in possession of enough wisdom to know
That I had not wisdom enough for true love
So I sat there and I listened to you
As you poured out the breadth of your knowledge
A knowledge that understood worlds and
Profundities I had not yet plumbed
In my life time
I watched, oh how I watched you
I decided that night to accept the gift of you
My gift…

And today, still we dance
As we enchant one another
With our love songs
As we muse upon our radiances.