Henry Miller

 One of my favorite quotes, one of thousands from Henry!


The undersigned wishes to inform all and sundry that he has long
since left the Abode of Peace,
that he no longer has any comfort
or inspiration to offer, and that even the migratory birds
this spot.  Prayers are offered up daily –without change.  The
garden had been transformed
into an open air Vespasienne. 
Look toward Nepenthe when you water the flowers. If you are

seeking Truth travel a little farther south: you will find it at Ojai
chez Krishnamurti.  Be kind to
the children — they abide. For a
metaphysical treat stop at the Big Sur Inn which is also a haven

for stray cats and dogs.  Life along the South Coast is just a bed
of roses, with a few thorns and 
nettles interspersed.  The life class
meets every Monday regardless. Refreshments are served when

demanded. Those interested in celestial navigation are advised to
first obtain a rudimentary
knowledge of integral calculus,
phlebotomy, astral physics and related subjects. The use of

liquor is strictly forbidden on interplanetary flights.

When you come please be so kind as to check your neuroses
and psychoses at the gate.  Gossip
may be exchanged during the
wee hours of the morning when the gremlins have left.  Please bear
in mind that this is a small community
and news travels fast.
(Carrier pigeons are provided when necessary.)  Fans and other
obnoxious pests would do well to maintain silence. Questions
relating to work-in-progress will be answered in stereotype fashion
in the columns of the Big Sur Guide at the usual space rates.
God is Love — and in the ultimate Love will prevail. 
Remember, man is the ruler, not Saturn!  Let us do our best, even
if it gets us nowhere.  In the midst of darkness there is light.
“I am the light of the world,” said Jesus. He said a mouthful. 
Light, more light!

                                                                                Henry Miller