A Gorgeous Day

It all began with my power walk in the morning.  I could see the stress of this year’s drought in the trees: the foliage of the sycamores is smaller, less juicy and opulent than the years before.   The number of acorns in the Oak trees are diminished, though still very much there. I marvel at the stoic patience of these majestic trees.  I feel as though I am in the presence of giants, of ancients.  I am humbled.   Here is my chapel of the morning: this oak tree glistening, glistening. Southern California trees glisten in the light.  But, oh, how fortunate I am to live here!

My chapel this morning.

On to the end of the road and my windmill.  Back to camp for great coffee and crossword overlooking what is much like (or
at least we think like) the plains of Africa.  And then off to a day at Shaw’s Cove in Laguna Beach.  But alas, a chain saw
massacre of a stump, seemingly an all day project.  So I kept on walking until the chain saw buzz was indiscernible.  And guess what? Talk about lemonade from lemons. We chanced upon the most delightful cove with room just large enough for us with our
chairs and our serape.





We put on our snorkels and masks to go in amongst the sea creatures.  My first encounter was with towering kelp and sea grass, moving in the rhythm of the infinite, the rhythm I too would become integrated within.  The sea bass, the leopard sharks, the bright orange garibaldi, we all moved as one and as of the infinite, of the universe, of the rhythm of tides and the moon’s rising and sinking and of that of the sun as well. We were all encompassed within it.  All.  And the knowledge of it was profound and deep.  The rock shelves were adorned with purple spikes of sea urchins, mosses and grass, and of starfish flopped each and every way of multitudes of colors. 


Laguna in the Fog

We descended to the sea from the scalding desert for relief,
only to find…FOG!

trolley in the fog

Only one thing to do..go to the Laguna Museum and then have lunch
at Las Brisas, and wait for the fog to clear. They are right next to
each other.

Museum and Brisas wide copy

Our patience paid off.  The day ended in sunlight, and a sunset composed
of colors only San Clemente seems to be able to manifest.




Laguna Beach

In the heat wave that clobbered Southern California with, would you believe it,
We retired to Shaw’s Cove in Laguna,

Shaws Cove

a yummy protected cove frequented by
scuba divers and snorkelers. Here it is, looking south
to Dana Point.

Shaw looking south

Grab a mask and snorkel for a wonderous experience. Yes,
glistening on top, but below, especially at low tide when the
sun lightens everything up..Fat orange garibaldis swish about
sea anenomes, starfish…and a proliferation of kelp and
sea mosses, sea grass.

To just float in the water medium, moving at the same rate
as the kelp and fish, just all moving in a ‘Synchronization of
Perfection’…a sublime experience…Large bat rays fly by you,
harmless, but I always jump a bit due to their size.

I need an underwater camera…

My surfer

And lucky me! Here’s my snorkeling and surfing partner…