Greed and Speed

Into the marvelous immensity of Big Sur
We crawl
With Molly the trailer in tow
Navigating strenuous sinuousities of twist
That manifest vistas of the billowing surges
Of turquoise sea combating ancient stone


To see them, one must go slowly
But apparently no one told the
Tourists pressing accelerators to pass us
Intent on their scram into crammed parking lots
For those  views recommended in guidebooks
I admit that a good one
Is the waterfall plunging to the sea
For a ‘We Were Here’ Selfie

They sometimes abandon their cars on the narrow road…
Just one more ‘gotta have, to die for’ selfie

But were you in Big Sur?

Did you marvel at the liquid mellifluents trilled by thrushes
Wrens and tits?
The harsh calls of curious Jays
The clicks of hummingbirds shooting neon darts
Into your day?

Did you smell the scent wafts
Of the Goddess’s perfume
As she tends to her gardens in Big Sur
The unexpected wild rose brambles
Cleveland Sage’s blue spikes
White, black and coastal sages
Licorice anise amidst pungent sage
Baked in sun light’s kiln
Fermented by fogs
Borne of the wind on breeze?
And was your heart not stilled by silences?

No, you say
Well, then why have you come to such a sacred shrine?
This clamoring for Big Sur and its attributes
Has created a conga line
Of cars, buses, RVs and vans
That by its very nature
Dispatches its essence
They come craving ‘something’, but what I wonder
Do they even know?
Hey there!  In case you didn’t know —
Henry Miller and the artists have left
They no longer can afford the rentals.

The Pacific Grove Pine Cone has annnounced
That perhaps there will be a lottery for entrance
I propose that instead of a lottery
There be an annual contest of art
And all who endeavor to capture muses may enter
In this way Big Sur might remain a sanctuary
Reserved for Artists with Poetry
With Music with Paint in their souls
The rest of the visitors can attend
A Big Screen event at IMAX
Or if they are too busy…download it to their phone
Or buy a book of photographs when they are
Turned away at the gate.

Or better yet, they can woo their own quintessence….

2016-05-11 20.15.22


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