The Lure of a Land by the Sea

                       The Lure of a Land by the Sea

                                        Venice Vignettes by

                                       Delores Hanney

“Venice, California sits here, at the far left side of the continent,
the spot just
before one falls off the edge.”

With these words Delores Hanney launches into her brief, breezy
histories about this town, famed chiefly for its high oddball factor

that renders it a popular Southern California attraction second
only to
Disneyland at drawing visitors in vast swarms.

The face Venice turns to the dawning sunlight each day has been
mutating since
the beginning, when Abbot Kinney’s dream
community of class and culture was
reorganized into something
less lofty.   As diverse as a rhinoceros from a Ruben
sandwich or
a rainbow, the stars that flitted across its stage have included –
addition to Kinney – tiger-tamer Mabel Stark, evangelist
Aimee Semple
McPherson, writer Ray Bradbury, race car guy
Carroll Shelby and Irwin M.
Fletcher (better known as Fletch).
There are stories about all of them, and many
others too, in
The Lure of a Land by the Sea.

Hanney brings to her historytellings the zeal of an old-time
California gold miner; 
indeed, her narratives shine like little
gold nuggets gathered up together in a
swell sprightly style.
The book also includes a golden foreword in the form of a
Venice memory piece written by William Carroll.

It’s the ultimate beach read this summer!

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One thought on “The Lure of a Land by the Sea

  1. Delores Hanney is another one of Venice’s treasures, a researcher and collector of many little-known narratives from the past….a prolific contributor to the Venice Historical Society’s quarterly journal. We are so fortunate that her zeal and her incredible talent is bestowed both in the Beachhead and the Journal…”The Lure of a Land by the Sea” is one of dreams from the idiosyncratic ones who have populated our wondrous city of Venice, California.

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