Spring in Venice


Ahhh! Spring in Venice
The fragrance of jasmine perfumery
The Venice Art Walk
The return of tourists…..

But for me the spring atmosphere
Wrenches jagged with
The cries of desolation and despair
Only the hungry Baby Mockingbird can manifest

Sensitized I am to their calls
For I have raised two to flying
Amelia and Beauregard
Gobs of blue-veined plasm flesh
But when grounded, a sorry plight indeed

Baby Mockingbirds fall
Insistent to fly before they even have feathers
Impatient to get on with IT!
Disobedient, adament

Unfortunately prowling Enemies
Of teeth and of claw
Hunt, always alert for opportunity
Those crows, hawks, cats, raccoons

Whadda ya think?
Baby Mockingbirds should become
Venice’s official city bird:

Composed of the disobedient citizenry

Haunted by prowling Midases
With cash to gobble her up.

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