A Celebration of Hammocks

Such a humility of textile
Bits of woven fibers
Easily transported in a pack
Or if no sack, bound about the waist
What wizardry such simplicity wroughts…
For those adventurers of reverie
Who stray upon paths unknown
Lost in nature’s wildernesses…
Stranded from the world with its
Inns and feather pillows
Oh wanderer, despair not!
For in a trice comfort is assured
By the proximity of two amiable trees

A Bed slung and tied
An aerie so grand
Up off the ground,
Away from nocturnal pests of the jungle
No prey to boas, scorpions or tarantulas
But tucked as the butterfly
Nestled in safety within its cocoon
Until time to fly away….

A bed to vie with cloud drifts
Allowing the Earth’s
Sweetness of respiration
O’er the whole body,
A further enrapture to any gypsy roamer
Invitation to succumb to implicit Dream Lands

And if restless thoughts or worries
Or the roar of a howler money or jaguar awaken,
What a way to gaze in relaxation
At the night sky’s offerings
Of moon and starlight
So as to marvel at infinity
And the movement of constellations
About the yearning arms of grandiose trees
Such tapestries of light can only console
The heart into a most gentle sleep,
Knowing all is complete and perfect in the world.

The Dawn
Silently painting light into slashes of tints
Serening into a finale of azure
While the antics of white faced monkeys
Careening through impossibly high arboreals
Will set a smile upon any face
To last the entirety of the day.


I present to you the mighty Hammock.