How I got a Book Reading in Costa Rica at Amor de Mar, Montezuma

                The gorgeous setting of Amor de Mar

And its expats from Germany, Connecticut, Canada, the Hamptons, Bulgaria
Healers, Masseuses, Yoga teachers, a Masseuse, Chef and Music Makers.


There is a wonderful and generous spirit in a small beach area close to the small town of Montezuma.  Her name is Cordula Meyers.


I told her I had written a book…and she said, “oh, we must have a book reading!”  I started to sputter my protests and she said, “the author is in town.  How rare is that? ”

And so my book reading was born…

I read from both books of Destiny’s Consent:  Book I, The Gypsy’s Song and Book II, Lions and Gondolas.

good whole group to me
The preparation was a joy in which my soul and my heart sang delighted songs of rediscovery.  How I love both of these books, though I must have read them a thousand times, and probably will read them again a thousand times, to which I look forward.

Laura reading fb
While rehearsing a passage, the Howler Monkeys decided to get into the act, with their loud territorial roars to one another.  I raised my voice, for I was in the thick of it and not to be deterred by a little roaring.  MT came out and said he couldn’t believe I was trying to out volume them…LOL!