Marveling at the Marvelous in Costa Rica

A small Brown and Yellow Tree Snake
Curls in a settle of contentment
At our house entry
A share of sanctuary

The baby Agouti snuzzles on our doormat
A softness for its resting
While sweet Bats hang on casa eaves
Shifting in wing-spreads
With sun’s light journeys
Entangled among jungle Zeniths

A leaf stem parts….
Its succumbing time
Its waltz with death
From impossible pinnacles
The fall transforms into flight
The waft and whirl
Akin to the gliding of a butterfly
Yes, for its arboreal lifetime, studied
But never imagined such liberation

And as the leaflet falls
In its last paragon of grace
The ever vigilant Fairy Folk
Of the Forest
Metamorphise it into a cocoon
We know, we know….
One such truss hangs upon our plastered wall

A tiny Frog shelters beneath shoes
Tipped to ward off scorpions
Or other such arachnids

We are the intruders here
But as we grow vines in our hair
And howl to the clamorous upheavals of
Storms of thunder and lightening
We marvel at the moon’s phosphorescence
Spotlit upon the walking trees
Not quite rooted, and thus
Awakening them to motion…….

The Goddess grows ever nearer

The Goddess Approaches