Awake in Dreams

I awaken with nightdreams
Swirling perceptions
And as the striations of dawn
Convert to lightshines
The images transpose
Into eddies of radiance
Dancing briskly back to a space and time
Not to be known by the regard of day

But this moment a decision
To place my finger within the swirl
The vortex relents……
The membrane stretches
Big, and then bigger yet
An entrance into this other world
An integration of my psyche,
My heart and my soul.

As easy as that
And as complicated as that……
We enter into our dreams upon awake.

.girl flying with umbrella


A Lovers’ Tomb

With eyes lensed with immortality,
I have come to regard the Isla of Cabuya
A Cemetery Isle in the sea where
Vultures are the macabre guardians of tombs

Walking among the sepulchers, that day
With my beloved
A vision heralded….
That of MT and I
Lying side by side
Interred in a crypt of white marble
Allured by cherished sea cadences
Tempoed by God’s heartbeat

Ah yes,
Tangos of true love are coveted
Until the Maestro takes his final bow
Until the instruments put to rest
With the beloved’s departure to other worlds
To be left alone
To be left
My heart falters to quaverings
We two are wedded
But how to be wedded for such leave-takings
When mortal time will be translated to the immortal
And mistimings of eternity ever so possible

But the illusion of enshrining on Cabuya Island
Thwarts now concerns of cosmic separations
As one of us lies there awaiting the other’s arrival
There must be
An assurance of recognition in the Empyrean
When placed next to the other
So as to continue our journey
For aeons
In endless Time
Dancing in Constellations….

For we have loved one another so well in this lifetime.

lovers tomb



A Necklace of Crystals


The explanation I tell My Self is that
It was simply because
I lost my crystal necklace,
My talisman
A symbol of my witch art
Oh you may be sure
I wore it  for the reading,
But somewhere, somehow
It fell off my neck
Hidden, gone…
Abandoned, I was to stand naked
On the night
I lost my virginity
That was the night
I spoke my poems aloud to the others
For the very first time

When asked if I had a poem to share, I hesitated not
For I had prepared for the reading
And strode with purpose
To the center of the room
In the midst of the waiting artists
And birthed my words
Syllables claimed from my heart
On into the spheres

As I read,
With no warning,
No warning at all
My voice treasoned into
A Falter,
A Betrayal of the Diminishments
To whittle my core in the way past
Physical proof
Of not only the axing of my psyche,
But also its infitessimal recovery.

Oh No!
Oh No!
Not now!
Why NOW?
But I continued
Even as my voice rasped in self-doubt
And paralysis…a sabotage
To battle my poet’s heart intent
Its longing to jump towards the stars
Do not dare, it told me
Do not DARE!
Stay small, stay inconspicuous
Do not risk, do not venture….

The group listening was
One of strenuous talent
I did not know
I did not know
I did not know
I was not prepared for
Art as a performance
Oh, how different presentation is
From the work
How very, very different
I read another
I was applauded
Applause hollowed with pity,  politeness
For you see,
It was a night of champion performers
Those who wrote, crafted and rehearsed
Those who twinkled with adoration
Armored with persona and personality

I could have introed my neo status
I could have shared my pain
And my difficulty
They would have understood
For they were all poets…….
They know

But instead, my pride said nothing of beginnings
Shame stumbled away into the night
Ensuring I would be without community.
I have not shared my words again.
But I will again very soon.

I suppose I could just play a tape next time……..




                  I walk
           Glee in my arms
           Glee in my legs
           This is so easy!

elephant and girl in hat





                        The silence of owl wings
                                     across the stars
                                     White as angels




Hitchcock and Psyches


I cannot watch scarey movies
I have been too terrorized in my life
By Masters you betcha
Better than Hitchcock

You see
I cannot remember what happened
I will never forget…
Buried in my psyche…

A woman once told me of her pursuit
Of a memory not known
An inkling of incident she insisted on prying out
Of its hiding place

She knew not the danger and
She continued zealously
Though not in possession of any structure
Within which to place such evil

So she went mad and
They locked her away
For many years.

It is as such, I have been warned…
Just this brief story
From a stranger
With stricken eyes

Now I know that I will wait
With patience and with love
For my demon to come
When he is ready.

demon blue background Painting by MT


Eternally, Michael

L &M smiling


That night in my studio apartment
I sat enfolded safely in my chair
Listening to you
Regarding you
My eyes beginning its measurements
Of regard for a suitable mate
Beginning with those of utmost importance,

Your height and your circumstance.

I must admit, I did not recognize you
Perhaps eons have passed
Since our last dance together

But my ageless Soul stood vigil
And whispered to my foolish Heart
“This is your last chance for true love”

And so I bound you to me, once again,
In this lifetime,
That is, my love, eternally….


A Chorus Line

The morning was gray
in Marina del Rey
But today along the bay
A chorus line all so gay
Of snipes came anyway

They are endangered, don’t you know
Dune-flattening machinery their foe
And so they disappear without trace
It’s just another day in the human race…..


A Celebration of You

A Celebration of You
Your soul was borne here
On this, the first day of Spring
With each flower’s unfurling
Kisses usher forth to
Mingle with mine

Can you dream of this?
Can you hold this within your heart forever?

And while You try
I will dance….
the Dance of the Flowers
Just for you


Love Poem 17

A love poem ditty  I spun off this morning…I was walking
about the studio and these words just wafted in…so I wrote
them down.

Michael and laura1

Such glorious  mystery!
How can it be
That you and me
That is, Laura and MT
Can be so much more
Than a summation of our parts?