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“One of the times indelibly folded into my soul when I was a young girl,
                                          was night’s enchantment.


Then there were no walls to shield us from the night, its nocturnal
creatures and spirits. Our night visitors were twirling bats
winging in eerie silence and red foxes with sly faces.   Our blazes
of fires, abandoned reluctantly for sleep, became embers crusted
with ashes, no longer spitting sparks to compete with fireflies.

The sky, no matter how long studied, remained a vast and mysterious
place, an incomprehensible deep blackness, with dustings of stars overhead.
We Rom believe that each star represents a person walking upon the Earth,
and even at that age, I was already searching among the constellations for
myself. Sometimes I would think I had found myself when the Earth’s
breath transformed a particular star’s brilliance into twinkling and in an
accompaniment, I would abandon my bedding to perform an ecstatic
shimmer dance in the icy dark…..”              
The Gypsy’s Song

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