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The Romani flag (O styago le romengo in Romani) is the international flag of the
Romani. It was created by the Uniunea Generala a Romilor din Romania
(General Union of the Roma of Romania) in 1933, and approved by international representatives at the FirstWorld Romani Congress in 1971, held in London.

The flag consists of a background of blue and green, representing the heavens
and earth, respectively. The flag also contains a 16-spoke red chakra, or spoked
wheel, in the center, representing the itinerant tradition of the Romani people.

The Roma flag was agreed upon by the Western European Romani people, but is
not recognized by many Eastern European Roma (although the Roma of Russia
and Ukraine recognize it

 The Romani Anthem by Zarko Jovanovic

         Gelem, Gelem


I went, I went on long roads
I met happy Roma
O Roma where do you come from,
With tents on happy roads?

O Roma, O Romani youths!

I once had a great family,
The Black Legions murdered them
Come with me Roma from all the world
For the Roma roads have opened
Now is the time, rise up Roma now,
We will rise high if we act

O Roma, O Romani youths!

Open, God, Black doors
You can see where are my people.
Come back to tour the roads
And walk with lucky Romani

O Roma, O Romani youths!

Up, Gypsy! Now is the time
Come with me Roma world
Brown face and dark eyes
Much as I like black grapes

O Roma, O Romani youths!

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