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“OFTEN AS WE STAND in some uncertainty of what to do next, a great stroke of fortune can occur.  But how trite a way to express the profound and complex occurrence that will often transpire in our lives, without our even lifting a finger.

We call it ‘coincidence’, but in fact, it is the universe’s perfect orchestration of time — aligning many, if not an infinite number of elements, before the seemingly miraculous stroke of fortune, or ‘coincidence’ occurs.  To me now, I see life and its happenstances as a gigantic tapestry into whch the universe weaves an infinite number of threads.

Not until all of the threads are in place, can the great stroke of luck occur. I call it ‘destiny’s consent’ to explain the vast and plentiful miracles manifested by the universe specifically for each one of us.  If we just take the time to notice them.”




Laura Shepard Townsend
Lions and Gondolas: Book II of Destiny’s Consent



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