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Writing is a summoning of Muses, and to do so, I have a Writing Table that is my altar to the Infinite for I believe this is where Story originates…

There are also indicators for mindfulness.  Inset within the wood of my desk, a Monk consults a Holy Scroll — an admonishment to me to garner Wisdom. The Monk is reading to an Exotic Bird on Tiger Leaves– a reminder I am writing a book to be read by readers.  If I am fortunate, someone will be listening.

My Chinese Table sits upon Lions’ feet, advising Courage within my Work and my Story; its drawer pulls are Brass Turtles, hinting at Longevity.

For more summoning of Helpers, the Table is adorned with many additional Talismans meaningful to my Heart:  to elicit my embellishment of my writing with fantasy, my Ancient brass ruler is adorned with Mythical Dragons; for Abundant Largess, a fingernail-sized Sand Dollar sits in a Jade Roundstone from the Far East; for Durability, stones found on the beaches of Big Sur perch on Yogananda’s Sacred Reminders; For Clarity, the scattering of Crystals; to combat Doubt stabbing my heart, a Jeweled Pen rests, its significance dream-manifested.

My Backdrop for my writing, emulates the Beauty of this Life —  a Lacquered Chinese Screen inlaid with multi-colored gemstones carved artfully into flowers, vases, and musical instruments.  

While I work, I wear a boa constrictor’s bone in my ear…just to let me know, I’m not kidding on this Quest, the Quest of Destiny’s Consent.  A Mala Prayer Bead Bracelet of amethyst beads circles my wrist as a token to the Infinite Mystical.   

All of this assists meaningful inspiration when I write.  When I write, I am Joyous!  I am immersed in Deep Play!

Henry Miller said, “to be joyous is to be a madman in a world of sad ghosts.”  At the day’s end of work, I descend the stairs for dinner, shouting my elation! 

I have decided I am absolutely not a sad ghost……

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