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I have written Destiny’s Consent for those seekers who are Old Souls, Adventurers, and Witches. And for the new Souls who might get lost.
Seekers are not always sure of what they want out of life but they are united in their determination to find it.
In “The Gypsy’s Song”, as a child, Angelica flees from a violent tragedy. Unfortunately, the universe must sometimes deal harsh blows to chisel out another path for us, unseen and unimagined.
The Zig Zags of a life are Destiny’s Consents; doors open and doors shut. Sometimes abruptly.
How closely we pay attention to universal cadences is our choice — sometimes toward our grace and sometimes toward our dooms.
Mix in the component of willfulness for added bounce to our steps in the dance of life.
Tango anyone?
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