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It is the NEW YEAR and my email box is flooded with notices urging the judgement of my imperfect self and what I must buy to hasten my perfection.  As an aside, nothing is offered for free and if so, only as a come on.  They do not know what I know after my long career here on the planet: perfection is not only unachievable, but not even something to shoot for.  Not that I have submitted to cynicism, but I have acquired wisdom and daresay a sense of humor.  A lot of this problem is to be blamed on the Romans and their calendar.

When writing “Destiny’s Consent”, a book series on the life of a Roma girl/woman searching for her destiny in the 20th Century, I encountered different thought processes I would like to share with you as quoted in the first book, “The Gypsy’s Song”.

            “We possessed no timepieces, that is, none that worked or were consulted, for there was no need for
them.  We never had to get up at a
specified time because we lived on no schedule; our days varied
as the events of each day varied.  Our hours flowed effortlessly into
 one another as daylight flowed to
twilight, and on into night, which once again would become daybreak.  There were very few divisions
or markings within our days, only some tributes made to time as it passed around us.
If time-spans were memorable enough, they would be named.
I knew about ‘
the winter when we almost froze‘ and ‘the year the horses were set upon by a pack of wolves’
because of the many stories that had been recounted around our fires.

Personally, I choose to live in this manner….each day, varied and effortless.  I can get to the business of self-improvement as I see the glitches occur.


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